Exciting Activities at Magenta Resort, Dandeli

Explore thrilling water sports like kayaking and rafting, or enjoy serene pursuits such as bird watching and nature walks. Test your skills in archery, unwind with activities like rain dancing and coracle rides, and relax by our swimming pools. With designated areas for badminton, carrom, and dart boards, Magenta Resort offers a memorable stay in scenic Dandeli.


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Guests splashing water and having fun during a rain dance at Magenta Resort

Swimming Pool

Take a refreshing dip in our inviting swimming pool at Magenta Resort, nestled amidst the serene surroundings of Dandeli. Whether you're looking to cool off after a day of adventure or simply relax with a swim, our pool offers the perfect oasis.

Group of guests enjoying a lively rain dance at Magenta Resort

Rain Dance

Let loose and dance joyously under the open skies of Dandeli at Magenta Resort, where every rainfall becomes a celebration. Feel the rhythm of nature and embrace the spontaneity of rain dancing as you create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

bird watching in the lush forest near Magenta Resort

Birds Watching

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Dandeli with bird watching sessions organized by Magenta Resort, offering glimpses of indigenous and migratory birds. Explore diverse habitats and learn about the rich avian life that thrives in this picturesque region.

trekkers exploring the dense forest trails near Magenta Resort

Nature Walk - Trekking

Explore the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Magenta Resort on guided nature walks through the lush forests and riverbanks of Dandeli. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you on informative excursions, sharing insights into the flora, fauna, and ecological significance of the area.

sports archery in magenta resort

Archery Shooting

Test your aim and precision with archery sessions at Magenta Resort, set against the backdrop of Dandeli's tranquil wilderness. Perfect your skills under expert guidance and experience the thrill of hitting the bullseye amidst nature's serene ambiance.

kayaking on the calm waters of the river near Magenta Resort


Paddle and navigate through the gentle waters of Dandeli on a thrilling kayaking adventure organized by Magenta Resort. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned paddler, our kayaking trips offer exhilarating experiences and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Group of guests enjoying a coracle ride on the Dandeli River near Magenta Resort

Coracle Ride

Experience the traditional charm of Dandeli with a relaxing coracle ride on the river, arranged by Magenta Resort for a serene waterborne journey. Drift peacefully along the water's surface and soak in the tranquility of your surroundings.

Group of adventurers river boating through the rapids near Magenta Resort in Dandeli

Paddle Boating

Glide across the serene waters of Dandeli on a paddle boat provided by Magenta Resort, perfect for enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Whether with family or friends, paddle boating offers a leisurely way to unwind and admire the natural beauty of Dandeli.

Group of adventurers river rafting through the rapids near Magenta Resort in Dandeli

River Rafting

Feel the rush of adrenaline with exhilarating rafting experiences on the rapids of Dandeli, guided by expert instructors. Navigate through thrilling waters and enjoy an unforgettable adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of Dandeli.

guests enjoying a game of badminton at Magenta Resort's sports area


Engage in friendly badminton matches at Magenta Resort's designated courts, perfect for some active fun with family and friends in Dandeli's refreshing outdoor environment.

Family enjoying a carrom board game at Magenta Resort's game room

Carrom Board

Challenge your skills with a game of carrom at Magenta Resort's cozy game area, providing a relaxed indoor setting for friendly competitions during your stay in Dandeli.

Guest aiming and throwing a dart at the dartboard during a game at Magenta Resort

Dart Game

Test your aim and strategy with dart board games at Magenta Resort's entertainment lounge, offering a lively atmosphere for enjoyable evenings in Dandeli.

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